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Camping season is fast approaching. We’re all aware of the current concerns about the corona-virus. As of today, we hope the pandemic will be controlled, treated and in the rear-view mirror by the time we open.

We are moving ahead to open as scheduled – but we are ready to follow the lead of our public health officials as the year progresses. The safety and health of our guests and our employees is our unconditional top priority.

But we’re not just waiting. We’re acting. We’re implementing health and safety precautions because the well-being of our customer is our highest priority. It will remain our top priority even after corona-virus has been knocked down. Here’s what we’re doing now.

There are brilliant people educated and trained in disease control. We are closely following their advisories and implementing their recommendations. We’re tracking the CDC, WHO, Wisconsin Department of Health and the Brown County Department of Health so we can constantly update our best practices as we near the opening of the Campground. We will rely on their leadership and follow it carefully.

Our staff is now cleaning and sanitizing all public areas and rental units before they are opened for the season. We’ve upgraded our sanitizing practices to meet or exceed the recommendations of the Health Department.

We are also reinforcing long standing directives to staff to wash their hands at regular intervals, for the recommended 20 seconds, during the day and always after touching their face.

As we move forward, we will be training our seasonal staff on taking steps to go above and beyond our regular practices and anything else that is currently required such as sanitizing tabletops, counter tops and all table-tops.

No one can guarantee that they can prevent the spread of the disease. We are not making any claims that we either can or will prevent all possibility of infections. But we promise that we will be taking steps above what is currently required by the health department once those service areas open for the season. If you’ve been with us before, you know we keep our pool, shower rooms, bathrooms and public areas clean and clear. That same diligence will be brought to bear to fight this virus.

We are directing our year-round and seasonal staff not to come to work if they are showing any signs of illness or if their family members are showing any signs. Their health and our health are our highest priority.

At this time our cancellation policy has not changed, but again we are closely monitoring the situation.

We will place your health and safety above all other considerations. We’re optimistic that the brilliant minds working on the corona-virus will get us past the pandemic as quickly as possible.

Camping season will be here soon, and we are looking forward to seeing you!

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