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Escape to the Outdoors: The Coronavirus Camping Craze

As the coronavirus pandemic is now affecting the U.S.; shutdowns, cutbacks, and other coronavirus-related troubles; working at home increases, family bonding and connection time will increase. That is a great thing, but we’re all bound to get a little stir crazy. We’ll collectively realize that an obvious cure will be to pack up our cars and head out on a good old-fashion camping trip to the great outdoors.

Furthermore, many families who had Spring Break vacation plans may be weary of hotels and airports. So, the solution to not canceling your family vacation is to go camping! It’s a great way to keep your family safe and still have a great time making memories. When you’re in a campground, you get to choose how much interaction you have with other people. And, you get all the comforts of home plus get to enjoy all the beauty of nature.

So, is camping safe during Coronavirus season? It depends. Consider the fact that you bring in most of your own equipment and keep everything on your campsite, the likelihood of contact with the virus is extremely limited. Many campgrounds are also making additional efforts to keep common areas clean and disinfected, anticipating the concerns of the patrons.

The most likely risk of contracting the virus would be during pre and post trip stops at grocery stores, restaurants, and gas stations – all typical stops you’d make if you stayed at home. Just bring along your sanitizing wipes and be mindful.

Nature also has all the essential elements to boost our happiness which will boost our immune systems, with the fresh air, open spaces, and some peace of mind.

New and seasoned campers are already descending upon the open road to spiritually awaken and strengthen their souls amidst the trees, streams, and wildlife. With the likely influx of new camping enthusiasts this year, it’s a good idea to book your campsite early. Reports are already coming out that campground bookings are spiking across the country.

At private RV campgrounds nationwide, “bookings are up by about 14-15%,” said Karen A. Redfern, vice president for brand marketing at the industry group Most campground operators are continuing as usual, but with heightened emphasis on hygiene and disinfecting.

So, take the time to refresh, rejuvenate, and reconnect safely with your family, close friends and mother nature.

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